Why is a dental crown needed? (01/06/2015)

A dental crown is also known as a tooth cap which is used to place over a tooth to protect damaged tooth and restore its shape, size, strength and improve its appearance. It is made from several materials such as all porcelain, all ceramic, gold, ...

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Cosmetic Crowns and the Procedure (25/09/2015)

Cosmetic crown is the restoration using the crown which is similar shape and color to a natural tooth. It is usually made from porcelain, ceramic or even gold or a combintaion of several materials such as with titan. All Porcelain or ceramic crowns ...

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Types of Crown (01/06/2015)

Permanent crowns can be made from gold, metal, all porcelain, all ceramic or combination of these materials. Today, all porcelain or all ceramic are the most common materials used in cosmetic crowning.

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Why crowns and not veneers? (01/06/2015)

Crowns are used to restore the broken or cracked teeth to normal shape and size, strengthen weak teeth from fracture and improve the appearance of the teeth which fillings cannot solve. As a crown covers a whole tooth so it requires more tooth ...


What are dental bridges? (01/06/2015)

In dentistry, the gap(s) created from the missing tooth will cause the remaining teeth to shift into the empty space which results in a bad bite and loss of jaw bone density. Moreover, it may also lead to gum disease and TMJ disorders.