The benefits of salt water mouth rinse for oral health

There are many different helpful uses of salt water mouth rinse to human health. As well as medicinal use – anti-inflammation according to the Science Tribune, salt is also beneficial to anyone who has a sore throat; gum sores or recently underwent dental procedures.

In dentistry, a salt water mouth rinse is mainly used to:

Inhibit Dental Bacteria

Because most oral bacteria generally prefer to develop in an acidic environment, according to D.D.S. Eric Shapira quoted in Men’s Health this solution temporarily increases the pH balance of mouth to create an alkaline environment where they struggle to survive.

Promote healing

After a deep dental procedure such as minor operation to extract wisdom tooth, implant placement, gum operation... many dentists usually recommend patients should rinse their mouth with salt water 24 hours later. It means that to recover properly your mouth post-surgery, you do not use it for at least 24 hours; the day after surgery you may rinse your mouth with warm salt water.

This solution is isotonic containing the same salts and minerals our bodies do in equal concentrations, so salt water may not irritate the mucous membranes as other mouthwashes do.

How to make a personal salt water mouth rinse

Diluting ½ a teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water and use this solution every 4 hours after 1 day minor surgery.

Other benefits of salt water

- Calming down and heal mouth sores

- Make your throat better if the condition caused by strep, tonsillitis or even a common cold

- Temporary washing your mouth in case you do not bring your regular cleaning kit.