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Vietnam Dental Tourism (02/06/2015)

Vietnam dental tourism is being to one of great solution for oral health care, especially for people from Europe, New Zealand, American and Australia… Dental tourism is growing worldwide as the world becomes more competitive. The quick ...

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Travel with Tu Xuong (02/06/2015)

No matter how long you stay in Vietnam, you can be confident about the care and advice you receive.

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How to come to Tu Xuong (02/06/2015)

Tu Xuong Dental Clinic understands that getting your oral health cared overseas can sound quite adventure, but we make sure that we will try our best to provide you the best service and the warmest experience. We also please you in every way to make ...

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Smile Care and Maintainance (02/06/2015)

To maintain your new smile for years to years, as well as taking regular dental visits with proper care, you should also knowing how to modify your oral hygiene habits to best care for your restorations.